Industrial Mechanical Carpentry

since 1967

O.ME.CA is a mechanical workshop that uses cutting edge machinery and operates in an 11000 square footage of which 4500 square footages are covered

Location and Workshop

O.ME.CA by Cavalletto Paolo is a company created in 1967 after a 10-years corporate experience in the industrial mechanical carpentry.

O.ME.CA has a well-equipped workshop extending on an 11000 square footage area, of which 4500 square footages are covered with 6 installed overhead traveling cranes.

Our work is mainly focused on carpentry construction, shipbuilding, tubing works, exchangers and PED pressure tanks, machine tools processing, reducers, pumps, and oleo-dynamic conductors’ maintenance.

Our Staff

O.ME.CA relies on an expert staff consisting of qualified technicians and specialized workers, that can handle any problem, providing our customers with personalized solutions to meet all their needs.

Our staff yearly follows a technical and practical training course to improve their know-how. That is how we can guarantee safe and on time works.

Safety and Health

O.ME.CA pays a lot of attention to health and the environment. Therefore, we work in accordance with the occupational safety and waste disposal standards and the measures to combat pollution.

In 2004 we earned the SOA Certification for public works, cat OS18 II. We are also certified by the Moroccan ONE as a C.T.E parts supplier.