A technical office always at the forefront

We are not only suppliers but technological partners as well for our clients. For this reason, we support them to find the best solution for every need.

Reverse Engineering

It often happens that the customer doesn’t have the constructional drawing for a part. O.ME.CA analyzes the missing part and reproduces it, improving it as in accordance with the client both in terms of the materials and functionality.

  • Materials analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Sampling
  • Constructional drawing of the solid

Plant and machines design

We produce machines according to our clients’ needs, providing them with a project prepared for the DM 2006/42/CE standard.

  • Detail engineering develop
  • Piping and carpentry mechanical design, with dimensional calculations and/or structural static and dynamic damage check
  • Technical specification development and drafting
  • Welding procedures, qualification and processes elaboration

NDT Non-Destructive Testing

More today than yesterday, the input and output material quality control is demanded. O.ME.CA invested in the equipment and staff training to directly manage some of these process reducing the monitoring times and therefore increasing the technical skills of the team.

O.ME.CA directly manages the following NDTs:

  • VT: Visual Test
  • PT: Penetral Test
  • UT: Ultrasonic Test
  • MT: Magnetic Test
  • TIR: IR Test

As regards the RX radiographic testing, O.ME.CA. relies on specialized companies to safely manage the related aspects.

2D and 3D Technical Drawing

Thanks to the latest technical drawing software – i.e. AUTOCAD up to SOLIDWORKS – we can help the customer managing the sheet processing and design through 3D models, complex mechanical projects with function simulation and service life calculation.

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